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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2016 / 2016 年 10 月刊 09

           欢乐中秋节聚会就在国贸公寓                                                      国贸世纪公寓用行动助力 2016 北京马拉松

           9 月 10 日晚,93 位公寓租户聚集在国贸饭店 T-Bar 花园,参加中秋节的庆祝活动。                     2016 年 9 月 17 日,秋高气爽,第 36 届北京马拉松赛在天安门广场拉开序幕,中
           漂亮的中式宫灯及悠扬的民族音乐烘托出了快乐的节日气氛。除了丰盛的烧烤美食                               国国贸助力本届北京马拉松。作为国贸中心的一份子,国贸世纪公寓有幸成为此
           自助餐,令人兴奋的月饼制作,儿童灯笼迅游及小丑气球造型表演,不断将晚会的                               次赛事的官方推荐公寓,热情接待了来自天津、江西和广东的跑友,住在世纪公
           欢乐气氛推向高潮,花园里充满欢声笑语,租户们陶醉其中,流连忘返。晚会为租                               寓的五位租户也参加了此次北京马拉松赛。值得一提的是,国贸世纪公寓员工艾
           户和他们的孩子们提供了一个交流和相互了解的机会。此次活动的成功,得到酒店                               琳女士首次参加比赛,并在规定的时间内坚持跑完全程到达终点。另外,国贸世
           总经理 Richard Hng 先生和他的团队的大力支持,借此表达我们的衷心感谢。                          纪公寓的员工也积极参与到国贸中心志愿者的服务队伍中,为参赛的跑友们做好
                                                                              CENTURY TOWERS BACKS 2016 BEIJING

                                                                              MARATHON RUNNERS

                                                                              Supported by China World Trade Center, the 36th Beijing Marathon kicked off
                                                                              September 17 on a clear autumn day in Tiananmen Square. Century Towers was
                                                                              honored as the official apartments for the event and warmly received runners from the
                                                                              city of Tianjin as well as Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces. Five Century Towers tenants
                                                                              ran the marathon. Century Towers employee Ai Lin ran her first marathon and made
                                                                              it to the finishing line within the specified time. Century Towers staff joined the World
                                                                              Trade Center Volunteer Service Team to provide logistic services to runners along the
                                                                              way. Century Tower’s runners said they really appreciated the warm support of China
                                                                              World staff cheering them all along the route.


           In celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival, 93 residents of China World Apartments gathered
           at Traders Hotel T- bar garden on 10 September 2016. Beautiful lanterns lit up the place,
           aside from a buffet spread of sumptuous barbeque dishes, there were an exciting line up
           of activities such as moon cake making workshop, balloon sculpting, lantern walk which
           provided endless entertainment for young children. The garden was filled with chatters,
           smiles and laughter. Staff of China World Apartments interacted with residents as residents
           reveled in the relaxed atmosphere of great food and fun. The successful event also provided
           an opportunity for residents and their children to mingle and get to know one another
           better. On behalf of our Apartments team, we would like to express our thanks to the
           General Manager of Traders Hotel Mr Richard Hng and his team for the effort they all put in
           to support our event. Conclusively, the overall event was remarkably successful!
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