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CHINA WORLD SUPPLEMENT 特刊   MAY 2017 / 2017 年 5 月  06


           F BISTRONOME:

           THE ART OF LIVING

           春风盎然, 福楼毕斯罗启幕国贸商城北区 7 层全新餐厅,将法国家庭“分享式”                             F Bistronome  opened its doors to the Beijing public on April 13 2017, with a focus on
           的用餐体验呈现给大家。福楼毕斯罗的窗边毗邻东三环,当您向窗外眺望,帝都                                the passionate French spirit of sharing and the art of living. Advantageously located
           华灯初上,车流如梭,一片繁华,惊世神作 CCTV 大楼也近在眼前,为您带来这                             on Level 7 of the brand new China World Mall, FB commands vistas over the capital’s
           独一无二瞬间穿越东西方的奇妙感触。                                                  teeming Central Business District and the bright lights of the third ring road. “FB is all
                                                                              about reflecting an authentic home dining experience: a mother lovingly crafting whole-
                                                                              some food from traditional recipes that have been passed down from grandmother
                                                                              to mother, through the generations. Each family and each bonne mamie incorporates
                                                                              their own personal flourishes, adapting classic dishes according to their distinct regional
                                                                              heritage,” said Jimmy Loh,. Managing Director of Groupe FLO Asia.FB’s Chef adapts
                                                                              rustic dishes for the restaurant’s modern and discerning clientele, adding his own
           慢炖烟熏澳洲牛小排就是福楼毕斯罗的招牌菜之一,而这道菜的烹饪方法就是源                                touches of inspiration. But as ever, fresh seafood remains central to FLO’s identity.
           于法国妈妈 Sophie Pozzoli 的家庭菜谱。经典的法国甜品舒芙蕾(soufflé)是福楼
                                                                              Michelin Star Chef Frédérik Bizat - hailing from Les Trois Soleils de Montal, France and
           毕斯罗的明星甜品,其制作难度很高,口感轻盈如云,入口瞬间,似有似无,为                                has previously collaborated with Maison FLO to great acclaim - will continue to consult
           您的一餐划上完美的句号。                                                       and partner with FB.
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