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                                                             GOURMET DELIGHTS

            国贸商城新区即将入驻的 60 多家餐厅带来全球各式美食,让您每天在国贸获                                                                小苏苏  小SUSU
            More than 60 new restaurants and café will open soon in the new-look Mall,                          小苏苏秉承了越南风情和院落味道。
            offering more exciting new flavors and delightful dining surprises at every corner
            of China World.
            米家思 MIGAS                                                                                           自创鸡尾酒“西贡气息”风味独特。

                                                     热情的西班牙大厨、鲜明的             小 Susu is rooted in its distinctive Vietnamese style and modern menu. The cozy,
                                                     市集装饰风格成就了米家思             uplifting ambiance of a courtyard is reimagined in the heart of the Central Business
                                                     餐厅的名气。为食客提供新             District. 小Susu is a buzzing cafe by day and a warm and a magical dinner spot at night.
                                                     鲜美味的西班牙菜肴与丰富                 北区 5 层 NL5014    NL5014, L5, NORTH ZONE
                                                     独厚的广阔阳光平台,让客             豆苗工坊  SPROUTWORKS
                                                     为食客心中的用餐胜地。              健康快餐厅豆苗工坊提供可溯源的食材,主张结合社区文化,带给人们平衡膳食。

                                                     Headed by Spanish chefs and   每天更换的菜品兼具高品质、新鲜、多种类、季节性的属性。您可以从新鲜沙拉、
                                                     inspired by bustling market,   健康小食、帕尼尼、汤、果汁、甜品中,组合出您的完美搭配。
            this stylish restaurant serves up modern Spanish tapas and fine wines. With a spacious               Fast  casual  western  restaurant
            and sunny terrace, customers will enjoy the city view. In time, Migas will likely become a           Sproutworks  is  committed  to
            destination for dining outside the box.                                                              transparency  in  sourcing  and

                 北区 7 层 NL7003 & NL7-3    NL7003 & NL7-3, L7, NORTH ZONE                                         creating a health-conscious, active
                                                                                                                 and  happy  community.  With  a
                                                                                                                 daily rotating menu, choose from
            博璨德国啤酒餐厅                                                                                             fresh salads, healthy sides, gourmet
            BROTZEIT BIER BAR & RESTAURANT                                                                       paninis, hearty soups, proteins, fresh

                                                                                                                 squeezed juices and desserts.
            德语里 Brot 意为 “面
                                                                                  北区 4 层 NL4022    NL4022, L4, NORTH ZONE
            包”,“Zeit” 代 表
            时 间,Brotzeit 指 享
                                                                              西卡利舍  CHIKALICIOUS
                                                                              味蕾挚爱。Chikalious 配备酒品、咖啡、茶
            In  German,  “brot”
                                                                              Chikalicious fresh out of New York City
            is bread and “zeit”
                                                                              is opening its first restaurant in Beijing.
            is time. “Brotzeit” is a traditional Bavarian expression for a small meal or snack
                                                                              Chikalicious offers a prix fixe three-course
            that is traditionally accompanied by a fresh, pure beer. Thus Brotzeit restaurant
                                                                              dessert menu and a la carte desserts. Select from
            brings authentic Bavarian taste to China in a modern, fashionable dining
                                                                              a lengthy list of wines, dessert wines, champagne,
                                                                              organic coffees and teas. Passionate about food? Here's a
                 北区 7 层 NL7006 & NL7-4    NL7006 & NL7-4, L7, NORTH ZONE
                                                                              chance to enjoy fabulous desserts while watching their preparation and plating.
                                                                                  北区 6 层 NL6007 & NL6-2    NL6007 & NL6-2, L6, NORTH ZONE

           Famous restaurants like PUTIEN Restaurant and GYJ Macau Hotpot are also on the menu and will be introduced to readers in our next issue.
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