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CHINA WORLD   MARCH 2017 / 2017 年 3 月刊  04

                                                                              ARMANI COLLEZIONI/JEANS 开启阿玛尼新篇

                                                                              来自 ARMANI COLLEZIONI/ JEANS 的 2017 春夏设计,将 AJ 的休闲牛仔风格和
                                                                              AC 的经典设计精神合体,开启阿玛尼历史新篇。每件精品都将美态、实用、运动
                                                                                  区域 1 地下一层 WB107   WB107 B1 ZONE1       (86-10) 6505 7988
                                                                              ARMANI COLLEZIONI/

                                                                              JEANS EMBRACES

           MARNI 独特限量版手袋已发行                                                   NEW CHAPTER

           MARNI 带来独特限量版水蛇皮贴花 Trunk 手袋。这款深受喜爱的 MARNI 限量版手                     ARMANI COLLEZIONI/JEANS launches with
           袋拥有细腻的线条和方正的造型,与其花园的浪漫情调碰撞出火花。手袋有两种尺                               the S/S 2017 collection. A new chapter
           寸可供选择,既有大容量及功能齐全的中号款,也有小巧精致的迷你款。                                   has begun in the history of Armani with
                区域 1 地下一层 SB109   SB109 B1 ZONE1       (86-10) 6505 0708      the birth of a unique, noble concept that
           MARNI LAUNCHES LIMITED-EDITION BAG                                 strengthens the image of the brand, re-

                                                                              mixing the identities of two previously
           A unique limited-edition MARNI Trunk Bag, specially created for the Chinese market.   unrelated lines. The essence of Armani style
           The precise lines and squared silhouette of MARNI’s best-loved bag collide with   pervades every garment with attitude and
           romance inspired by a garden. The bag is available in the roomy and functional   fluidity, making fashion unrestricted by time
           medium size, as well as the mini version.                          and space.

           PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE                                                               「源     BLANC DE CHINE      」:

           歌颂舞台韵律                                                                                   平心素朴,清净自在

           舞台上那些充满活力的身躯在音乐的伴随下不断地                                                                   「源 Blanc de Chine」2017 年春夏系列,自云南哈尼
           变换着形态,优雅而富有韵律。我们的思绪也随着                                                                   梯田的壮丽风光中,汲取灵感。初春的男士系列,选
           PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE 新一季的设计,一                                                      用轻盈羊毛和真丝,带来盎然春意。女士系列中,西
           同漂流到了一个奇妙有趣的新世界。本季歌颂舞者的                                                                  方面料与中式款式,相融相生。
           表现力,美好服饰传递出姿态曼妙。                                                                              北区 二层 3L207   3L207 L2 NORTH ZONE
                区域 1 地下一层 WB108   WB108 B1 ZONE1                                                        (86-10) 5961 1816
               (86-10) 6505 8786




           On  stage,  lively                           宝格丽奢华茶香古龙水系列
           energetic bodies leap                        释放茶之芳香
           and twirl gracefully into
           ever changing shapes
           and forms in time to
           beating rhythms. The
                                                            区域 1 一层 L107A   L107A L1 ZONE1
           PLEATS PLEASE line by
                                                           (86-10) 5866 9716
           ISSEY MIYAKE Spring
           Summer 2017 collection                       BVLGARI EAU PARFUMÉE
           named Stage focuses                                                                      BLANC DE CHINE: SIMPLICITY
           on the body movement小                        RELEASES THE FRAGRANCE                      AND COMFORT
           leading Our thoughts                         FROM TEA
           into a mysterious and                                                                    Blanc de Chine 2017 Spring Summer Collection is
                                                        Captured the luscious fragrance of tea, developed with   inspired from Honghe Hani Rice Terraces. For the men’s
           quirky space.
                                                        exceptional  “saboir faire”, the Eau Parfumée collection   collection, the selection of wool and silk brings abundant
                                                        is an invitation to indulge in elegant and refined ritual   vitality. In the ladies’ collection, Chinese styles meets with
                                                        of wellness.                                the western fabrics, brightening the life in harmony.
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