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CHINA WORLD   MARCH 2017 / 2017 年 3 月刊  09



           北京中国大饭店推出“非常体验”会议计划,该系列活动将带领客人更深入地参                                China World Hotel, Beijing has enhanced meeting and event offerings with a Experience It
           与到企业社会责任和可持续发展的实践活动当中,从而起到更深远和长期的启迪                                meeting package featuring engaging and inspiring activities tied to hotels’ corporate social
           作用。                                                                responsibility and sustainability initiatives.
           会议包价为每位人民币 680 元 *,并包含以下内容:                                        The meeting package is valued at RMB 680* per person, and the components are:
              全天使用会议室                                                           Use of a meeting room
              通过慈善绘画义卖支持低收入外来务工子弟石景山华奥学校学生                                      Support students from Shijingshang Hua Ao Schools whose families are low-income migrant
              绿色植物代替鲜花装饰                                                        workers through a drawings charity sale
              玻璃杯盛放薄荷叶或柠檬的饮用水代替瓶装水                                              Green plants in place of fresh flowers
              白板和书写笔代替纸张书写板                                                     Service of mint leaf or lemon water from glasses instead of individual plastic bottles
              每日上下午环保健康主题茶歇                                                     White boards and markers in place of flip charts
              会议室采用新风系统                                                         Morning and afternoon green themed coffee and tea break
              绿色午餐菜单采用应季和本地食材                                                   Use of fresh air to cool the meeting rooms
                                                                                A green lunch menu using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients
                                                                                Salt, pepper and sugar served in containers instead of individual sachets
                                                                                A projector and a build-in screen
                                                                              Recommended green options that are chargeable upon request
                                                                                Make a meeting difference by holding an event or team building at The Wild Duck Lake National
                                                                                Wetland Park, the hotel’s local partner in the Care for Nature Project
                                                                                Step away from a meeting room and have a green-themed coffee break at Aria herb garden
                                                                                Recharge your body at Health Club’s Aerobics Studio with Yoga class during the coffee break;
                                                                                detox drinks and sports energy bars will be served
                                                                                Re-use towels and bed linens for the duration of the meeting
           享用此包价,参会人数需至少 30 人及以上。                                               Choose carbon-less bicycle sightseeing excursions
                (86-10) 6505 2266 - 6724    Minimum 30 guests to be qualified for the package.
           * 以上价格均为人民币,并需加收 10% 服务费及 6% 政府增值税。  All prices are in RMB and are subject to 10% service charge and 6% VAT.
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