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CHINA WORLD SUPPLEMENT 号外   APRIL 2017 / 2017 年 4 月 07

                                                                              新店:       CHRIS BY CHRISTOPHER BU

                                                                              厉害了 , 中国设计师!

                                                                              卜柯文,国内顶尖造型师和设计师,范冰冰的“紫禁城”,“仙鹤装”,“China 瓷”
                                                                              均出自其定制品牌 , 好莱坞明星水果姐 Katy Perry、Emma Roberts、Dita Von Teese
                                                                              都是品牌的忠实拥趸。位于国贸商城的 Chirs by Christopher Bu 透过简洁风格的店面
                                                                                  中区 地下一层 NB127
                                                                              CHIRS BY CHRISTOPHER BU: A BRILLIANT

                                                                              CHINESE DESIGNER & HIS BOUTIQUE

                                                                              With an existing celebrity fan base and high-profile brand ambassadors like Fan Bingbing,
                                                                              Christopher Bu is one of China’s top emerging designers and labels. Established in 2012
                                                                              with online and retail sales beginning in Spring 2013, the company currently has two
                                                                              lines:Christopher Bu (Couture) and Chris by Christopher Bu (Ready-to-Wear). The store of Chris
                                                                              by Christopher Bu is located at the B1 level of the shopping mall, it showcases the brand's
                                                                              unique designs through simple and elegant decor, with contrast to the colorful collections.
                                                                              The store sells women's dress and shoes, accessories, handbags and so on. The color of the
                                                                              exhibition of these items will change in accordance with that of the clothes.

           新店 :      MO&CO.                             SALVATORE FERRAGAMO           的

           酷范儿“男”女孩                                     “璀璨人生”

           MO&Co. 2017 春季系列灵感来源于复古运动服的细                 Ferragamo 全新广告大片由 Peter Lindbergh 掌镜,在
           节和配色,同时通过把玩比例线条、材质混搭、轻动                      西西里岛陶尔米纳风光的映衬下,他的镜头巧妙捕捉
           廓形,释出摇滚 Rock chic, 带来“男”女孩风格的                Lily Aldridge、Andres Velencoso 和 McKenna Hellam
           当代潮流女装——复古又耳目一新!从时装到生活,                      的身影,共同在这座风光旖旎的地中海度假小镇谱写
           cool & fun 就是 MO 范儿!                         一系列生动有趣的光影故事。这组广告大片以视觉影
                北区 地下一层 NB1040                          像的方式诠释出 Ferragamo“璀璨人生”理念——即
           MO&CO: BOY-GAL STYLE                             南区 一层 L111        6505 1625

                          Go action! “Trendy” remains the   FERRAGAMO’S SPLENDOR OF LIFE
                           keyword for MO&Co. during this
                                                        Photographed by Peter Lindbergh and starring models Lily
                           season. The fashion of “cool girl”
                                                        Aldridge, Andres Velencoso and McKenna Hellam, the vibrant
                            is also inseparable. As usual,
                                                        portfolio was lensed on location in Taormina, Sicily. What
                            MO&Co. expresses the youth,
                                                        emerges is a visual celebration of Ferragamo’s “Splendor of
                             vitality, and passion for life.
                                                        Life”— a spirit that melds traditional Italian patrimony with a
                             Turning to the playing field,
                                                        fresh viewpoint.
                              the 2017 Spring Collection
                              is inspired by details and                                            VERSUS    即将揭幕国贸新店
                               colors of retro sportswear.
                                Meanwhile, by applying                                              成立于 1989 年的 Versus 即将登入国贸商城新区。
                                proportional lines, blending                                        Versus 代表 Versace 真正的革命精神。品牌集中创新、
                                 materials and textures,                                            锐意打破传统,这一股年轻、创意无限的风格把时尚
                                  and streamlining the                                              触觉推上高峰。
                                  silhouette, we continue                                                北区 三层 3L317        6505 9664
                                   the core DNA of the                                              VERSUS NEW BOUTIQUE IS
                                    MO Style in revamping
                                    retro colors. From                                              COMING SOON
                                     fashion to lifestyle,
                                                                                                    Founded in 1989, Versus is the young heart, soul and spirit of
                                      “cool  &  fun”  is
                                                                                                    Versace. It will unveil its new store at the new section of China
                                      what MO Style is
                                                                                                    World Mall. Versus focuses on innovation and breaks tradition,
                                       all about.
                                                                                                    the young and creative style pushes fashion to the peak.
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