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CHINA WORLD SUPPLEMENT 号外   APRIL 2017 / 2017 年 4 月  06

                                                                              CANALI   KEI      款式西装外套为您定制颜色

                                                                              CANALI 的 Su Misura 服务让您能投入您的创造力,设计一件完全为您自己量身定
                                                                              制的衣服,不仅合身,更能配合您的个性。我们当季的标志性非结构化 Kei 西装外套,
                                                                                  南区 一层 L129B       6505 3190


           ——      TWOFACE     双面理发馆

           TWOFACE 双面理发馆于 2010 年由著名发型师陈萌先生与倪锐先生共同创办,是
           典敢于创新,开拓并引领中国的复古时尚潮流。被誉为“京城第一复古理发馆 ”一
           线明星的光顾,多次引爆社交媒体。                                                   AS YOU LIKE IT: CANALI KEI BLAZER IN YOUR
                南区 二层 L202&203       6505 5217                                FAVOURITE COLOR(S)
           TWOFACE: VINTAGE HAIRDRESSING                                      CANALI Su Misura  service allows you to indulge your creative side and design a garment

           TWOFACE hairdressing salon was founded in 2010 by famous stylist Mr. Bruce Chen Meng   that is perfectly tailored not only to your exact measurements, but to your personality
           and Mr. Ni Rui. As first Chinese vintage style salon they are adhering to " the vintage and   as well. This season, our iconic destructured Kei blazer – characterized by a relaxed and
           classic are immortal" TWOFACE hairdressing salon have professional experience in superior   elegant silhouette – takes center stage, acting as a canvas on which to showcase the range
           client service, Men's shaving service and Haircare expertise.      of hues that you can choose from for a truly customized creation.

                                           MARNI:    春暖花开,与众不同                          简约不羁!

                                           意大利奢侈品品牌 MARNI 深受全球拥有敏锐时尚触
                                           觉女性的喜爱。凛冬已去,在春暖花开的日子里为自                      JUSTE UN
                                           己挑选一份与众不同的 MARNI 配饰吧!特别一提本
                                           季手袋,其拥有与众不同的视觉语言,极具现代主义                      CLOU18K
                                                南区 地下一层 SB109       6505 0708
                                           MARNI: A DISTINCTIVE SPRING                  如 今,Juste un Clou 系 列 日
                                                                                        臻丰富。2017 年全新上市的
                                                                                        18K 黄金、18K 白金、18K 玫
                                           Italian luxury label MARNI captures the hearts of females
                                           who have sensitive fashion sense. Selecting a distinctive
                                                                                        超大号手镯       再度以非凡
                                           MARNI accessories for yourself. Especially the handbags
                                           of this season, which are inspired by the modern spirit,   创意令人过目难忘质。
                                           breaking the rules and becoming a new style.
                                                                                        与潇洒气质,这正是 Juste  un Clou 的精神。
                                                                                            南区 一层 L103&104        6505 6660
                                                                                        CARTIER FREEWHEELING: BRAND-NEW

                                                                                        JUSTE UN CLOU GOLD NECKLACE

                                                                                        A nail becomes jewelry. Bold, modern, and innovative, Juste un Clou is a
                                                                                        creative twist on a familiar object. This jewelry collection transcends the
                                                                                        everyday, making the ordinary exquisite for you. Now it has a more complete
                                                                                        product line. Launching the white gold, pink gold, diamonds necklaces and
                                                                                        oversized bracelet at the mall.
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