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           Apr 2017 2017    4月                                                                                             号外

             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information   每月带给您中国国际贸易中心的最新讯息



             STYLE MUST GO ON

                          3.31~4.10 国贸派享 5 折                                                   4.24~5.14 再续经典
              50% DISCOUNT FOR FRIENDS OF CHINA WORLD                                             STYLE MUST GO ON

             国贸商城会员、国贸写字楼白领、国贸公寓及国贸世纪公寓住户、中国大饭店及国贸大                             年度好戏将盛大启幕,大型动态装置艺术品“Touch 触”、Style is Design 及
             酒店客人持会员卡、门禁卡或房卡到指定餐厅可享受全单或部分菜品 5 折优惠。                              Green Design is Style by IIrina Fendi 展览、春季购物返礼、国贸游园会,连番精彩,
             China World friends enjoy a 50 percent discount on select dishes and meals at designated   妙趣横生。
             restaurants. Friends include China World Mall loyalty members, office tenants, apartment   Style Must Go On events include dynamic artworks, fashion exhibitions, a mall fair and
             residents and guests of China World Hotel, China World Summit Wing or Traders Hotel.  shopping rewards campaign.
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